Batyra's Collection

Hi everyone! I'm Pawel and I'm a retro hardware collector from Poland. 

I'm mostly focused on sound and retro soundcards (especiallly Gravis) but also on Quantum 3D and Canopus hardware and... ok ok… it all interests me :)

My long term goal is to create a great source of recordings, photos and information about retro soundcard and retro hardware. 

I'm trying to keep this site up to date. All shown here things are currently in my collection - If I trade of buy someting I update this site immediately. Coming Soon means that card is on it's way to me or simly photo was not taken yet, but this piece of hardware is in my collection.

All pictures on this website were taken by me and if you want to use therm don't forget to credit it.




Contact / PayPal

pawel [at]

I'm looking for

I'm interested in buying almoast every boxed soundcard and some graphic cards.  I'm also looking for interesting cards and daughterboard.
Quantum3D cards and systems
AdLib Multimedia Cards 
All boxed / interesting sound and graphic cards!
Golden AXE PC Big Box
Blood I PC Big Box
Duke Nukem Kill-A-Ton Big Box
If you have a boxed version of card that appears on my website bare - let me know:
​pawel [at]