Batyra's Collection

Hi everyone! I'm Pawel and I'm a retro hardware collector from Poland. 

I'm mostly focused on sound and retro soundcards (especiallly Gravis) but also on Quantum 3D and Canopus hardware and... ok ok… it all interests me :)

My long term goal is to create a great source of recordings, photos and information about retro soundcard and retro hardware. 

I'm trying to keep this site up to date. All shown here things are currently in my collection - If I trade of buy someting I update this site immediately. Coming Soon means that card is on it's way to me or simly photo was not taken yet, but this piece of hardware is in my collection.

All pictures on this website were taken by me and if you want to use therm don't forget to credit it.




Contact / PayPal

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If you want to be up to date with my collection, here you will find list of updates.

Due to some circumstances in June some very important cards from my collection had to be sold: Adlib Gold, IBM MFC, Voodoo 5 6000. I'm gonna miss them but life goes on and I'm not giving up on collecting retro hardware.

- Roland SCP-55 PCMCIA
- Boxed Canopus Spectra WX25 (Geforce 4Ti 4600)
- Boxed Canopus Spectra 7400DDR (Geforce 256 DDR)

- Gravis Ultrasound Daughterboard CM205 CD ROM Interface r. 1.3
- Boxed IO-DATA Power VR GA-PVR3D4
- Boxed Buffalo WHP-PS8 Premedia II
- NEC PowerVR PC 3DEngin DOS/V PC-9821 3D
- Quantum3D Obsidian2 200 SBi + Medusa cable
- Boxed and Sealed Turtle Beach Malibu
- Creative Tandy Multimedia Sound Adapter 849-3030
- Boxed Canopus Spectra 5400PE (TNT2 Ultra)
- Boxed Canopus Spectra 8400 (Geforce 2 GTS)
- Boxed aOpen AX6BC "Type R" (slot 1 motherboard)
- Buffalo WGA-TS32U (Riva TnT 2 Ultra)

- A lot of pictures updated on my site!
- AdLib Multimedia ASB16 Special Edition
- Yamaha DB51GX (daughterboard)
- Roland DS-50A speakers
- Boxed Roland SC-88ST Pro midi module
- Boxed 
Voodoo Banshee PCI Buffalo WPG-VG4S
- Boxed nV1 YUAN JRS-3DS100

- Athlon K7 Orion 1Ghz Slot A
- Boxed Asus K7M (Slot A)
- Boxed Asus K7V (Slot A)
- Boxed Gigabyte GA-BX2000+ (Slot 1)
- Slot A and Slot 370 Alpha Cooling (I love theese!)
- OCZ Performance PC166 BGA + Thermaltake Performance cooling kit
- Bethesda Reaper Miniatures Doom Figures
- Boxed Wave Bravo daughterboard (GM Crystal Based 2MB)
- Quantum3D Obsidian 2 90-2400 Voodoo 2 10 MB Arcade (3 pcs)
- Quantum3D Aalchemy 8164 bare card with power board 

- Quantum3D Quicksilver ArcadePC full system!
- GeForce 256 DDR WinFast
- Canopus Spectra 5400PE (Riva TNT2 Ultra)
- Canopus Spectra 7400 (GeForce 256 SDR)
- Sigma Voodoo 3 2000 AGP
- Boxed! Roland CM-500
- Boxed Gigabyte ramDrive (iRam) 
- Boxed! IBM Music Feature Card
- TB60XG - enhanced Yamaha DB60X daughterboard
- Quantum3D Ventana 50 Voodoo Rush
- Garnet Voodoo 3 AGP GV-2000SD
- Boxed Canopus Power Window 968PCI-4M S3

- Quantum3D Obsidian nV complete system! NOS (it comes with Quantum made Quadro DCC)
- Quantum3D Obsidian2 S12 AGP (the only Voodoo 2 for AGP!)
- Boxed and sealed Quantum Obsidian X-16 
3DFX VSA100 BGA Chips 355-0026-320 a Tray of 24pcs
- Modding Voodoo4 EvilKing L shaped to 64MB and 320 chip (V4 4800?)
- Gravis branded memories (30 pin, red pcb, gravis logo)
- SIS Xabre 600 (Soltek)

- Boxed CASIO SZ-70 Speakers with Midi Module
- Canopus Spectra 2500 (Tiva TnT)
- Socket 370 Aplha Cooling 
- 4x Alpha cooling heatsinks for different platforms

- Boxed Canopus Spectra 5400R2 (Riva TnT II)
- Boxed Canopus Spectra 8800 (Geforce 2 Ultra)
- Boxed Crystalizer Tidal Sound Wave 32 PnP
- Boxed Miro Sound PCM12
- Boxed Freeway FW-650GX/150/WS (Slot 1 and Slot 2 motherboard)
- UralBears Midi Daughterboard
- PowerLeap Slot1 - Socket370
- Gravis Ultrasound Daughterboard Soundware CD-45
- Freeway Design FW-5VGF+/Ultra - Red PCB Socket 7 Motherboard (bare)
- Gravis Ultrasound Primax-like synergy branded
- PowerColor EvilKing 4 cv350 Voodoo 4 DVI
X Technology TopWave 32 (XTOP-005)
- Midi Module Kawai GMaster

- Boxed RevealFXWave32 (Ensoniq Soundscape s2000)
- Boxed Asus P5A Super Socket 7 Motherboard
- Voodoo 5 5500 AGP prototype 0900 A1
- Custom, dual fan, solid copper cooling for P3 
- Canopus Spectra X21 GF3 Ti500 

- Box for ProVideo Voodoo 2 (blue PCB)
- Boxed Canopus Spectra WF17 GF4 MX460
- GeForce 3 Ti500+ PNY
- Cyrix M II 433GP (the fastest Cyrix MII ever made)
- AMD K6-III+ 550 ACR (th fastest socket 7 CPU ever made!)
- Boxed Freeway Design FW-5VGF+/Ultra - Red PCB Socket 7 Motherboard
- Asus SPAX S7 SIS based Motherboard
- Alpha P3125 Cooling for Pentium III 

- Boxed AdLib 8bit 1990 (in stead bare AdLib)
- simFusion 6500q
- Buffalo Voodoo Banshee PCI
- Buffalo S3 Virge
- Buffalo MMV-XT5S Socket 7 Motherboard (thanks @Kosiara!!!)
- SIS Xabre 200 White PCB (
- Unidentified soundcard with daughterboard S-16WP1/L
- Tecmar ARPA
- Boxed Omni Labs AudioMaster AMS-8000 
- Turtle Beach Multisound Classic
- PowerColor EvilKing IV Voodoo4 4500 L-Shaped
- Quantum3D AAlchemy 8264SB Full System!
- Boxed Creative Game Blaster CT1300B

- Boxed Roland MT-32
- Boxed Roland RAP-10 (Blue Box)
- Boxed / Sealed Media Vision Pro 3-D Sound Card (w Korg Daughterboard)
- Sound Blaster AWE64D (PCI) CT4600
- Sound Blaster AWE64D (PCI) CT4650
- Turtle Beach Monterey (Tahiti + Rio DB)
- Yamaha DB60 XG (original - not NEC clone)
- Boxed Canopus Pure 3D II (Voodoo 2 12MB)
- SIS Xabre 400 Red PCB
- ID Anthology Limited Box Set
- Quantum3D Mercury GX+ Full System!

- Boxed Sound Blaster 1.5 CT1320C